Previous Award & Scholarship Winners

Distinguished Service Award: Ray Archer, CTRS

Kimberly A. Kiernan Outstanding Professional Award: Jennifer Battle, Organization of the Year: Poetry Caravan

:Innovative Program of the Year

“A Lesson in Lessening: Reducing the use of psychotropic drugs through Therapeutic Recreation, An interdisciplinary collaboration”

Student of the Year: La duc Lee

Volunteer of the Year: Nicole Barnes

Student Scholarship Recipient: Ayesha Depay

Professional Scholarship Recipient: Jennifer Colon

2015 Award & Scholarship Recipients

Organization of the Year: Recreation Therapy Department, Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center

Student of the Year: Rosa Mateo

Volunteer of the Year: Donna Gelder     

Student Scholarship Recipient: Rebecca Cesario   

Professional Scholarship Recipient: Annette Havens     

2016 Award & Scholarship Recipients

2014 Award & Scholarship Recipients

Distinguished Service Award: Noelle Molloy, CTRS

Kimberly A. Kiernan Outstanding Professional Award: Lora Serra, CTRS

Organization of the Year: SPARC, Inc.

Innovative Program of the Year: Special Citizens Futures Unlimited Music and Theatre Program

Student of the Year: Mary Kelly

Volunteer of the Year: Jennifer Blum and Ellen Blum

Student Scholarship Recipients: Jocelyn Oakley, Nicole Prestia, Brianna Sartori, Claire Mahon, Ashley Goldstein

*Due to a generous donation, all students who submitted an application on time were granted scholarships

Professional Scholarship Recipient: Joelle Neno

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