We want to hear from YOU!

Hello NYSTRA Family!

The NYSTRA blog will officially be taking off and hopefully turn into a place where we can all come to share ideas, programs, questions and inspiration with each other. For the first post I would just like to introduce you all to your Executive Board in case you are not aware:

President: Megan Concannon, M.S.Ed, CTRS

Secretary: Jessica Andrianos, CTRS

Treasurer: Jeff Schwartz, M.S.Ed, CTRS

Merchandise: Carolyn Franklin, CTRS

Newsletter: Jasmine Edwards, CTRS, MA

Downstate: Shane Howze, M.S.Ed, CTRS

Membership: Miguel Carvajal, M.S.Ed, CTRS

Co-Chair: Erika Likar, CTRS

Co-Chair: Shari Wall, M.S.Ed, CTRS

Upstate: Jackie Dyke, M.S., CTRS

Public Relations: Le Leduc, CTRS

All of the board members will be posting on the blog at different times in order to help it take off but we want to hear from all of you! How do you submit things to the blog? Go to the "Contact Us" section of the website and enter your post there, please be sure to write "blog" in the subject so we don't miss anything by accident. What can you submit? Anything! A new program, a fun craft, tasty recipe, various 1:1 session ideas, spread some inspiration or just get to know your fellow NYSTRA members better! I am excited as we take off on this new journey together and hope that you will all join in =)


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