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Our Very First Post, Brought to You by Sharon Weber!

Hello there!

What’s this?

A blog? Why does NYSTRA need a blog when we already have a great newsletter?! You are correct! However, at NYSTRA, we like to think of ourselves as “your professional family.” What that means is, we want to keep you in the loop of everything going on in our ever-evolving field and give our members as much access to this organization, as possible!

…such as??

-News and updates within the field of TR!


CEU opportunities!

-Upcoming trends and new program innovations!

-Problems and solutions!

-Questions and answers with our board members!

-Conference details!

-Student’s Corner!

-Sneak peek of NYSTRA-merchandise!

…and much, much more!


I’m happy with my newsletter or receiving updates on the Facebook page!

Good point! Of course, many of our members are not active on Facebook or social media, for that matter. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive an update in your inbox with a notification saying telling you about the latest blog post? Another benefit of this blog is to provide our members with an opportunity to interact with one another. Whether you’re in Rochester or Ronkonoma, you’ll have a supportive network of professionals, at your fingertips!

Who’s going to be writing this blog?

Blog posts will be written by members of our board. We want to provide our members with a vast perspective of experiences ranging from those well-established in the field to our newest CTRS’s and students. We all have something to share, and even more so, we can always learn from one another.

When? I don’t want to be bombarded with emails!

Expect two-three blog posts, per month!

Ok, I’m sold! Where can I find the NYSTRA blog, anyway?

Right here! NYSTRA.org has it all! Be sure to check us out on your smartphone, as well!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

-Sharon R. Weber, Student Liaison

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