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NYSTRA was formed in 1996 to support the field of recreation therapy in New York State. Since it's formation, NYSTRA has been a professional community committed to promoting high standards through education, networking, and development.

NYSTRA was formed to fulfill the following:

  1. To promote the highest standards in the field of therapeutic recreation within the state of New York
  2. To provide information to therapeutic recreation professionals regarding current development in the field.
  3. To engage in and support research, education and evaluation about developments in the field of therapeutic recreation.
  4. To promote a coordination of efforts with other recreational and health care organizations, groups and individuals relating to therapeutic recreation within the state of New York.
  5. To receive, administer and disburse gifts and grants of money and property of every kind exclusively for tax exempt charitable, literary and educational purposes.

1996 Board of Directors 

President: Fred Greenblatt 

Vice President/ Regional Representative: Daryl Willenbrink 

Treasurer/Membership: Matt Gold 

Secretary/Professional Liaison: Rose Rothe 

Professional Development- Workshops: Jim Amella 

Professional Development- Conference: Vincent Bonadies

Newsletter/membership: Bette Levy 

Constitution/By-Laws: Dorothy McNamara

Legislation: Joe Murawski

Awards and Nominations/ Elections: Karen Nash 

Professional Standards: Lois Pellegrino, Bert Rappaport

Professional Development and PR/Fundraising: Jim Sullivan

NYSTRA Founding Members

Jim Amella

Orazio Caroleo

Linda Dianto

Joseph Giannantonio

Matt Gold

Debbie Keville

Svetlana Kuretsky

Dorothy McNamara

Kathleen Nitschelm

Bert Rappaport

Renee Rider

Lora Serra

Daryl Willenbrink

Kay Baker

Fran Stavola Daly

Rochelle Duva

Ellen Golann

Fred Greenblatt

Robin Kunstler

Bette Levy

Karen Nash

Lois Pellegrino

Terri Rappaport

Rose Rothe

Jim Sullivan

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