Annual Multiday Conference 

Dear NYSTRA Members,


     As our conference time comes closer, we would be remiss if we did not address the elephant in the room that is Covid-19 and its effects on our lives. As you are aware, Gov. Cuomo declared a State of Emergency as of March 7th.  Since then, many facilities in the Tri-State Area have stopped all non-staff visitors from entering their facilities, as well as asking all employees to be mindful of where they go, and who they interact with, especially in large scale events. As the virus spreads, we know that you are concerned not only about your safety, but also your families’ safety and your patients’ safety; many of you have reached out to us regarding your concerns as to the safety and status of the NYSTRA 25th Anniversary Conference in Saratoga. Unfortunately, as this virus continues to spread and show no signs of decline, we cannot in good conscience go forward with our conference.

     As RT’s we interact with people who are considered ‘high risk’, either through work, or even in our personal lives, and we cannot ask you to put anyone’s health in jeopardy, including your own. We’d explored with the hotel the idea of rescheduling at a later date in the year, but we simply cannot commit to that, since we have no idea what the future holds and cannot guarantee that a rescheduled date will be met either; there are just too many variables up in the air to be able to secure a date. That being said, we are looking into various options that we can still try to bring some form of the conference to you via webinars, which we will keep you posted about as soon as we have follow-up information. However, we know that the biggest benefit to our conference is that person to person connection that we all have come to know and expect from a NYSTRA conference, and we are crushed to not be able to bring this sense of family and comradery to you. We will be refunding all payments in the manner in which they were received, and if we have not cashed your check yet, we will return it to you to be destroyed.

     We hope that you understand why - and how- we decided to cancel this conference and how truly heartbroken that we all are to not be able to celebrate our Silver Anniversary IN the 25th year of our existence. We have struggled with this decision for the last week, and were hoping to be able to move forward, however, it just wouldn’t be safe -or fair- to our attendees, their families, or their patients. Rest assured, when we DO come together in 2021, we will party like its 199… oh, wait, 2020! We wish you all good health, safe work environments, and an easy transition into what is sure to be our ‘new normal’ for a while yet. Please reach out to any of us if you have any questions, comments or concerns about our decision.


We remain, as always #YourProfessionalFamily, the 2019-2020 NYSTRA Board of Directors:

Megan, Jessica, Jeffrey, Clarisse, Erika, Carolyn, Jasmine, Miguel, Jessica, Shane, Sara, and Shari

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